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Customized Hair Growth Compounds

Thank you for your interest in HairStim. HairStim is a group of compounded formulas that utilize prescription topicals like high-dose minoxidil, topical finestaride, turmeric, retinoid acid, spironolactone, and others. The proprietary base is formulated to maximize penetration and effectiveness while minimizing irritation.
**Propylene Glycol free

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Prescription Strength topicals

HairStim contains high strength minoxidil compounds, as well as topical variants of finestaride and spironolactone not traditionally available to patients

The information contained in this website is provided for educational purposes only. The material is in now way intended to replace conversations with your healthcare provider. All decisions regarding a patient's prescription plan must be made with a healthcare provider.

HairStim is available as a compounded medication exclusively from Hair Medicinals, LLC and it's contracted pharmacy, associated pharmacy. None of the formulations for Hairstim have been submitted to FDA testing. They do include FDA-approved ingredients

The formulations for HairStim were derived using research experience and review of peer reviewed medical publications and/or safety studies endorsed by the FDA.

Hair Medicinals, LLC or associated pharmacy do not make any claims, overt or implied, of the safety or effectiveness of the HairStim compound

In keeping with FDA regulations, Hair Medicinals aims to provide pertinent information that will assist a person in making a well informed and educated decision about his/her medical care. All decisions regarding use of compounds should be done solely by health care professionals